Are Seagulls a problem at your restaurant?

Are Seagulls a problem at your restaurant?


Seagulls have become very well adapted to living in our coastal towns and cities. If your business is located near the coast, your property may be at greater risk of a problem with gulls and effective seagull control may be necessary for protection. Especially if you have dining outdoors, then some type of pest control is necessary.


In addition to seagulls stealing food right off of customers’ plates, they bring a lot more damage to your business. Seagulls are known to spread diseases like Salmonella. Salmonella poisoning to any customer can result in a loss of profits for your business; or worse, cause your business to shut down. The more seagulls get comfortable with human contact, the more aggressive they become. They swoop down and grab food off of plates while people are inches from them now days.


If people get too close to seagulls’ nesting sites, they will often defecate and vomit on people to protect their young. To prevent seagulls from nesting on your building and stealing food from your customers, you will need a repellent that is natural and safe for use around food. PiGNX is a effective way of controlling these pests.

PiGNX utilizes a combination of new technology food-grade ingredients properly balanced with old-world active ingredients to repel seagulls and other birds, rather than harming them. As one of our most popular bird repellent and bird control products, PiGNX offers the first ever EPA-Registered Bio-Repellent to humanely and effectively repel bird pests.


PiGNX uses the active ingredient Capsaicin, which is extracted from hot peppers, to disturb the nerve endings in seagulls. Imagine the feeling we get by eating hot chili peppers- This is the same effect that seagulls experience when they come into contact with this product. Apply this Bio-Repellent anywhere from the roofs of your business to the ground to ensure seagulls never set foot on your property.