Avigo a Privately Labeled PiGNX Product by Rentokil World’s Largest Pest Control Company

AviGo is Rentokil’s latest bird proofing product, to be used in the fight to keep birds off buildings and monuments. It’s a product ‘unique’ to Rentokil, that uses natural food grade ingredients to keep birds of all species away.

AviGo is applied by one of our specially trained technicians to the surfaces where birds (such as pigeons and seagulls) land and rest. It is a clear gel that is not visible to the public view. It is not affected by either rain or sunshine, although in some cases a primer must be applied before application to ensure full effectiveness.

As birds land the gel gets onto their feet. As they take off and pull their legs in, the gel is transferred to their bodies and temporarily produces an uncomfortable tingling sensation. Because the gel is not a glue birds are not impeded in any way from going about their normal lives.

The nuisance birds soon learn to avoid places where this tingling sensation comes from and typically it takes 5 to 7 days for a site suffering bird problems to go from being busy to having no birds at all.

Thanks to it’s effectiveness and the fact it can’t be easily seen, AviGo is ideal for usage on public monuments, listed buildings and any where that requires a discreet solution to bird problems. It can also be used on smaller surfaces such as window ledges.

The Benefits
It’s an environmentally friendly solution, thanks to the natural ingredients that it uses.
Proven effectiveness means that you can have confidence that it will keep the pest birds off your premises.
It is safe to use on monuments, sensitive historic or listed buildings because it is invisible and non-corrosive.