Do Bird Spikes Work?

Do Bird Spikes Work?

In many cases bird spikes do keep birds away, however, they are very unsightly and potentially dangerous for the birds. Birds have been known to impale themselves on the spikes. Different sizes are required for different species and one birds deterrent is another’s nesting site.


  • Close up view of the Bird Spikes with a pigeon nest on top.
  • The Bird Spikes were used by the pigeons to hold the nesting materials together.
  • With the Bird Spikes installed, it makes cleaning bird feces and nesting materials more difficult.

photo: bird spikes with pigeon nesting on it
A pigeon made its nest on top of the Bird Spikes.

Bird spikes installed on beams with a pigeon roosting on top of it.

Bird spikes on top of a signage with pigeons on it.