Garden Safe Bird Repellent

Garden Safe Bird Repellent


Every season as your berries, vegetables and other crops ripen, you have to battle it out with the birds to see who has gotten to them first. Getting to the tree or plant first isn’t the problem; it’s keeping the fruit and vegetables on the plants long enough for them to ripen for harvesting. Birds, like squirrels, will strip a bush or tree clean just before crops are at their peak. There are a few options for deterring bird pests in your garden, but not all are equal at doing their job.


One way of deterring bird pests from your garden is by using those funny-looking shiny strips that you tie to your crops. They wave in the wind and reflect light to scare off birds from entering your garden. These can be effective, but ruining the beauty of a garden with these reflectors might not be worth its repellent power.


Another form of repellent is to use chemicals. These will definitely keep the birds away, but at what cost? Using chemicals as a deterrent affects the crops negatively and can kill them. Putting out poisonous chemicals harms all living things. If your children get into the garden, some repellents can greatly harm them. If you have pets that like to snoop around the crops, they can get sick and even die from some repellents on the market.


If you are looking for a safe and natural method of controlling pests, experience the revolutionary new product line of Bio-Repellents. PiGNX uses a combination of new technology food-grade ingredients and old-world active ingredients to repel birds and other pests, rather than harming them. The secret ingredient is capsaicin (which is extracted from hot peppers) to irritate the nerve-endings on birds who come into contact with this product. It has the same effect on pests as it would on us if we were to eat hot chili peppers or rub these peppers on our skin.


PiGNX is a natural, safe and effective method of repelling pests without the use of poison or physical injury to birds. Capsaicin has been used for thousands of years as the most successful form of repelling pests safely. PiGNX has finally developed the unique delivery system to make the capsaicin effective, safe, long-lasting, profitable, easy to apply and easy to clean.


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