How to Repel Pigeons

How to Repel Pigeons


Pigeons are one of the most pesky animals in our environment and neighborhood. They beg for your food, can carry fleas and their droppings can wreck the paint on cars and buildings. Fortunately for us, there are several ways of repelling these disgusting birds. You can use screens, preventative measures or the most effective form, safe and natural substances.


Homemade screens and physical repellents work effectively when set up correctly. Screen mesh can be set on the surface that birds like to perch so that they will learn to not land on this material that can trap their feet. Another homemade method is to put a piece of wood with nails in it wherever the birds land. Make sure the nails are facing up! This method will not hurt them, but it will deter them away from their normal landing perch. Make the nails as small as you like so you aren’t able to see them. Use a scarecrow on your property to keep pigeons at bay. You can purchase scarecrows at a hardware store or create one yourself with straw and fabric. To increase the effectiveness of your scarecrow, make sure you move it every few days. Metallic teasers also work well for keeping pigeons off your property. Iridescent, shiny metals confuse and temporarily blind birds. Sonic devices are effective products on the market that emit a high-pitched, panicked bird call that warns birds to flee the area.


Another way of getting pigeons out of your space is to not invite them at all. Prevent pigeons from roosting around your property. Pigeons like to nest on eaves, windowsills, rafters and any type of ledge. You’ll need to seal all of these areas with screens and nets that you can find for cheap at a hardware store. Bird slopes are panels that you can attach to eaves, rooftops and gutters that make landing more of a slip-n-slide ordeal. Above all, preventative measures, do not feed the birds! Feeding pigeons will only make things much worse. They will rely on the fact that they are fed on your property, and the uneaten food will attract more pests!


The most efficient and effective form of bird repelling is to use safe substances that deter these pests from your property. Also one of newest methods of controlling pests, Capsaicin (hot peppers) is the active ingredient in this natural substance. This ingredient is NSF approved for use inside restaurants and food processing plants and is proven to be effective everywhere and every time it is used properly. Capsaicin works by irritating an animal’s nerve endings. You know how it feels to eat a hot chili pepper or rub these peppers on your skin. Birds and animals experience this same effect when they encounter this product. Capsaicin has been proven to repel thousands of pests safely without any harm to animals or humans.