How To Guide on Using PiGNX, Step by Step Instructions

Published on Oct 6, 2013
PiGNX is the first EPA Registered, New Technology Bio-Repellent for Birds. The only solution for repelling pest birds that is Safe & Effective. This amazing product is safe enough to use in homes, even around food! PiGNX is safe enough to apply yourself.

This video gives you a step by step, safe, easy to follow guide on. There are three sections of instruction:

PiGNX Standard Size Tube Instructions

1-Materials and Equiptment you will need
2-How to open and load a tube of PiGNX
3-How to apply PiGNX in an effective pattern

PiGNX Five Gallon Drum Instructions

4-How to use the Five Gallon Bucket of PIGNX
5-Tools and Materials needed for 5 Gallon PiGNX
6-How to open the 5 Gallon Bucket
7-How to Prepare the Bulk Load Caulking Gun
7-How to Reload Gun Using a 5 Gallon Follow Plate

Preparing Porous Surfaces
8-How to seal porous surfaces quickly and inexpensively.